Why we only shot once a day

It’s crazy huh! Other studio’s are shooting all day long. Well here is why. First off for most of our portrait sessions, we have about 12 hours of work in them. But the big reason is what photographers call the golden hour. Thats the last hour before sunset or the first hour after sunrise. The light has two very desirable qualities then. First, the color temperature is warmer and back in the film days that made images have a warmth to them that was difficult to get mid-day. But today, digital cameras can compensate for that and warm up the apparent color temperature anytime of day. But the other quality can’t be faked. Having the sun low in the sky makes for great backlight shots and angles of light that are much more flattering to portraits as apposed to light from above. Plus it’s not so bright, people are not needing to squint their eyes. win win. So we only shoot either early mornings or more often late afternoon, early evening shoots. We don’t compromise light quality to get more sessions in. We could shoot more, but only the last would get the best light. You expect the best when you come to Aspen Photo & Design and this is one of the ways we make that happen.


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